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Cell Therapies Pty Ltd is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Dawn Driscoll as its new Chief Executive Officer.
Dawn is highly experienced in the cellular therapy industry and has over 20 years experience in the biotechnology industry globally, with expertise in cell therapy, licensing, acquisitions and commercialisation.
The Board of Cell Therapies and Peter Mac as the majority shareholder is very pleased to have Dawn join and lead our team.
Our company is in good shape and in a great position to lead the Asia-Pacific market in this exciting time as new CAR-T cell therapies and other immunotherapies come to market. Our unique offering in lab-to-benchside cellular vaccine development, manufacture and clinical treatment within a hospital and academic research institute sets us apart from our competitors. We have a track record of novel and first-in human trials rapidly delivered to the highest grade GMP.
The Board would also like to thank Dr Dominic Wall for his leadership during this transition period.
A/Prof Leslie Reti
Chairman of Cell Therapies Pty Ltd Board of Directors