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Cell Therapies Joins Innovative $60 Million Government Research Centre

By September 10, 2013No Comments

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Cell Therapies Pty Ltd is an essential partner in a new $60 million Commonwealth Government project designed to help translate promising cellular therapy treatments from the lab bench to the marketplace. The Cooperative Research Centre for Cell Therapy Manufacturing is a $59 million, six-year project funded by $20 million in cash from the Federal Government and $39 million in cash and in-kind from 14 commercial and academic participants.
“Cell Therapies is extremely pleased to be named a key player in this unique collaboration. As one of the more mature companies operating in this space in Australia, we have taken part in many significant changes in the cellular therapies field for more than a decade and believe this CRC represents the next major development in this field,” said Ray Wood, CEO of Cell Therapies.
The rapidly evolving field of cell and tissue therapies has created as yet unmet demands on the materials and devices required for the efficient and safe processing of cells and tissue. By combining internationally recognised academic researchers with practicing clinicians and cell and tissue processors, this CRC intends to influence the speed and safety with which a new treatment paradigm can be introduced to standard of care medical practice.
A novel feature of this CRC is the inclusion of a “patient ready” manufacturing and regulatory compliance capability. Cell Therapies and ITEK Ventures Pty Ltd have formed a joint venture to manage the new manufacturing facilities at Mawson Lakes, South Australia.
By imbedding experienced regulatory and manufacturing skills in the mix of CRC resources the research outcomes can be migrated quickly into the clinic and routine practice.  Cell Therapies 12+ years of experience will be used to influence the R&D very early in the process. The aim is to capture value from a novel combination of surface scientists, academic researchers, clinicians and practitioners in the field of cell and tissue therapies. This CRC will be able to manufacture products that can be used in human trials. This ability to translate research into the clinic has attracted several international and a number of local participants to the CRC.
About Cell Therapies
Cell Therapies P/L is a contract manufacturing organisation (CMO) and cellular product distributor that both manufactures and deploys advanced cell based therapies. Cell Therapies P/L has become acknowledged as a leader and the most experienced cGMP compliant resource for cells and tissue in the Pan-Asian region. Working in close collaboration with its 51% shareholder, the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Cell Therapies P/L manages the Center for Blood Cell Therapies (CBCT) through a comprehensive services agreement that permits it to provide its clients with one-stop-shop access to apheresis collection, cGMP compliant manufacturing, cryo-preservation, state of the art imaging (novel cell tracking).and clinical trial implementation.
Cell Therapies P/L manages three manufacturing licenses for Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and a number of others for its clients.
For more information, contact Ray Wood at Cell Therapies on: 61 3 9656 1615 or via