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Carina Biotech partners with Cell Therapies to deliver a first-in-human CAR-T cell therapy trial to treat colorectal patients

By May 31, 2022No Comments

Cell Therapies is partnering with Carina Biotech, a leading Australian immuno-oncology company, to manufacture their CAR-T cell therapy for patients with colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is the deadliest cancer for Australian’s aged between 25-34 and is Australia’s second deadliest cancer overall. Carina’s technology will harness a patients’ own immune system to target and destroy cancer cells.

Carina’s leading CAR-T cell therapy candidate targets the cancer stem cell marker LGR5 and has shown promising pre-clinical study results. Cell Therapies has been appointed by Carina to bring this homegrown Australian treatment to patients, highlighting the sovereign capability to develop these breakthrough products from research concept to clinical application.

Dr Deborah Rathjen, Carina’s CEO, said: “We are delighted to be working with Cell Therapies, with their deep expertise in cell therapy development and manufacturing. Also, it’s fantastic to be working with another Australian-based organisation. This will allow our teams to work efficiently together during the development phase and through the manufacturing process.”

Cell Therapies CEO, Mr Peter Giannopoulos, said: “As the first Australian site to obtain TGA approval to commence onshore manufacture of CAR-T cell therapy products, we are delighted to now be working with an Australian company that is advancing a promising CAR-T cell therapy candidate in colorectal cancer.

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